Digipave is a full-service multi-national marketing agency that will help your company build new client acquisition funnels, by providing tailored online marketing and advertising management. Offering qualitative service to diverse industries worldwide, Digipave tailors its services uniquely to each client. We manage campaigns designed to reach your goals, with ROI-based metrics measuring our success every step along the way.

How we Can Help You

We are specialized in the following services:

  • PPC: Google Ads, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads

  • Social Media Content Creation, Engagement and Community-building (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube and more)

  • Email Marketing & Campaign Management

  • Content Creation & Promotion via Outbrain & Taboola

  • Influencer and Affiliate Marketing

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

What makes us unique?​

  • Digipave is Israel's # 1 online marketing agency for businesses around the world who want to enter the German speaking markets of Germany, Switzerland and Austria. Our co-founder Yoav Dreifuss is Swiss and can pave the way for your company’s presence in German-speaking Europe.

  • Digipave helps its customers reach US consumers and businesses alike, especially via popular social networks, influencer marketing and e-commerce platforms such as Shopify and Woo Commerce. Our co-founder Dani Horwitz was born and raised in the US.

  • We work a lot with startups in Israel and around the world.

  • Digipave works with some of the major global Jewish NGOs and supports them in making a big impact online.


How Can We Help You?

We'd love to hear about your business & see how our team of digital marketing experts can promote your brand.

“I can highly recommend Digipave as an online marketing agency. They bring value both in terms of strategy and execution. They understand the media. Digipave´s grasp of the European and the American markets is a real asset. I like them!”

Koby Lif, Head of Sales and Marketing at Billrun