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On the forefront of marketing and micromobility. 
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Digipave is a niche digital marketing agency specializing in the micromobility industry. 

Digipave, founded in 2015, is run by Dani and Yoav, two experienced digital marketers. The agency specializes in the Micromobility industry. Passionate about all modes of electric transportation they have taken their diverse and varied marketing experience to create a niche agency.

Areas of Expertise

Digital Marketing Consulting
Online Advertising 

Social Media Marketing

Email Marketing & Automation

Influencer & Affiliate Marketing

Shopify Management

Our Customers

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About us

We know micromobility.

We know digital marketing.

We grow brands.

We increase revenue.

Digipave has been working with mobility companies since its founding in 2015. Our vast travels in the US, Europe and Asia gave us a front row view of the disruption happening in urban mobility. We quickly developed a passion for the forward-looking industry of micromobility that is driving a cleaner and more integrated world. 


We continue to work successfully on numerous marketing and advertising projects with customers from a wide range of fields and geographical locations. From microcars and e-bikes to electric scooters and hydrofoils - we know how to market your product to consumers and businesses alike. 


Our experience in the industry extends from R&D, product development, manufacturing, supply chain management, sales to customer support which allows us to develop and implement the right marketing strategy for every kind of business in the industry.


If you’re looking to strengthen your brand and increase your revenue reach out to us through the contact us form below or reach out on LinkedIn. 


Let's talk!


Dani Horwitz

Co-founder and Managing Partner. Contact me here >>>

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Yoav Dreifuss

Co-founder and Managing Partner

Contact me here >>>

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