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Meet Yoav Dreifuss

Yoav earned an MBA from The College of Management Academic Studies (COLMAN) in Israel and a BA in Organizational Communication from Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW) in Switzerland. He boasts an extensive marketing and communication background and defines himself as a digital marketer specialized in email marketing. 

​Yoav never wants a day to pass without learning something new. Raised in Switzerland, his native language is German but he also speaks fluent English and Hebrew and converses in French. With a background in German-speaking business and organizational culture he has special insights to working in the DACH markets. Since moving to Israel in 2012 he was able to gain extensive experience working with Israeli and American business cultures, consumers, and products, along with the challenges and opportunities that the different markets pose.

In mid 2015, he co-founded Digipave, a full-service multi-national marketing agency that helps companies meet their specific goals with tailored online marketing and advertising services. Together with his partner Dani Horwitz, Yoav also founded and manages a boutique digital agency called which specializes in promoting bicycle and electric skateboard stores and brands.

Since founding Digipave, Yoav has had proven success across different digital channels and has achieved remarkable results running marketing campaigns for customers in a range of verticals. He launched new e-commerce products via Facebook ads, generated B2B leads via LinkedIn content campaigns and implemented innovative email marketing strategies for global organizations.


When Yoav isn't listening to the latest email marketing podcasts during a workout at the gym, he might be studying ancient Jewish texts, volunteering for an NGO or mountain biking on the coolest single tracks. He resides in the Israeli city of Raanana with his wife and 3 children. 

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