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YDK is more than a marketing agency.

We're experts at bridging the cultural and language nuances needed to market and position your Chinese business 

in USA and European markets.

YDK helped us build a global brand and expand our customer base. I can't recommend them enough.

-Kieran Mao, CEO of Meepo


Design a cohesive digital strategy.

At YDk, we know how to engage your target audience with the right mix of creativity and strategy. We work with you to nail down your message and create a cohesive, compelling brand identity.

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Create successful marketing campaigns with content marketing, data-driven social media marketing, and targeted email marketing. Get more out of your marketing spend by targeting potential customers—not wasting money on leads that don't convert.

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We help you connect with influencers in your industry and leverage their audiences to increase visibility and drive sales

Use ambassadors to market for you

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Meet The Team


Donna Heller

Native to the USA but with an upbringing in Israel, Donna comes from the world of data analysis and project management. 


You'll find her in her zone working on data driven marketing, marketing funnels and research

Yoav Dreifuss Headshot.jpeg

Yoav Dreifuss

Growing up in the foothills of Switzerland, Yoav is our residential EU expert. After leading marketing for one of the largest pharma companies in the world, Yoav honed in on email automation and marketing, German content writing, and KOL  marketing


Dani Horwitz

Dani was homegrown in Cleveland, USA. He has been running multi million digital marketing campaign for over 15 years.


Dani's specialties include PPC, Lead Generation and social media strategy 


Samantha Saltzman

Sam is from Montreal, Canada and is our creative Guru.

From social media marketing to English and French  copy writing, Sam brings her genius to whatever comes across her plate

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