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Need to take your business digital now? We are here to help!   

Due to the economic impact of Covid-19 many businesses in Israel and around the world are losing revenue and customers. Digipave Online Marketing Agency is now offering a free 30 min consulting session for eligible companies about how to use digital marketing in a smart way to overcome the crisis. 

What we do for you in the session:

  • We review and analyze your current (online) marketing strategy and activities

  • We come up with recommendations about how to use limited resources to get the maximum out of online marketing while constantly adjusting to the rapidly changing situation. 

  • We create a list with around 5 action items that can immediately be implemented by you in order to improve the branding of your business


Special Discount for businesses that book the SessioN

If you would like to use our services such as  paid advertising (on Google, Facebook, Instagram, etc.), social media management, email marketing, SEO and more we:

  • Don't charge the usual one-time setup fee  

  • Set up your campaigns in 72 hours

  • Provide a free website review

Our Three-tier Strategy during the crisis

Retain as many existing customers as possible

Identify opportunities for growth and act quickly

Constantly monitor the situation and adapt daily if needed

Ready to Book the free consultation?

Digipave is an Israel-based full-service multi-national marketing agency that will help your company build new client acquisition funnels, by providing tailored online marketing and advertising management. Offering qualitative service to diverse industries worldwide, Digipave tailors its services uniquely to each client. We manage campaigns designed to reach your goals, with ROI-based metrics measuring our success every step along the way.

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