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Is email marketing dead after the latest iOS 15 update?

In 2021, Apple announced it would release its iOS 15 software update, again taking aim at third-party marketing. The update included a “Mail Privacy Protection.” This feature prevents companies such as klaviyo, mailchimp or omnisend from seeing whether subscribers opened their emails when using the Apple Mail app. Instead, an open rate of 100% would be reported which makes it hard for DTC (direct to consumer) marketers to measure the success of their emailmarketing campaigns and automations.

Here are ways how we at Digipave - Fusing Marketing and Micromobility dealt with this challenge:

- We started paying more attention to click rates to identify unengaged contacts

- We increased our efforts in terms of writing super engaging subject and preview lines. We've used more buzzwords and emojis than ever before but at the same time have avoided using spam triggering keywords.

- We decided to create more high value segments based on subscribers that clicked or made a purchase in the past.

- When it comes to automations/ flows we let the click activity determine which second and third email a subscriber gets. If a subscriber clicked on a product of category X, he got another email about category X rather than one about all products.

- And of course, we started using SMS marketing as many other marketers did as well in 2022.

With the economy down and the ecommerce industry in crisis, good email and sms marketing is more important than ever in order to create a positive ROI. Luckily a lot of innovation is taking place in this field and as a klaviyo partner we're privileged to always get the latest updates about new features and best practices.

Stay tuned for more posts about email marketing in the coming weeks - especially about why it should be an important part of every micromobility company's marketing funnel in 2023.


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