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A Beginner’s Guide to Instagram Reels - Small Business Edition

Being a fast-paced marketing agency, we realize the importance of harnessing the power of social media. Specifically, Instagram Reels.

In 2020, Instagram introduced a new feature known as “Instagram Reels” to over 50 countries. Instagram Reels are short vertical videos that can be up to 60 seconds long. It features a tab on the homepage where users can scroll through Reels endlessly, similar to the popular social media app, Tik Tok. Reels implements an algorithm based on what users spend the most time watching. Reels will showcase videos that are more likely to peak the specific interests of each user and not just from accounts they chose to follow.

Instagram Reels allows for better interaction with the consumer. One that is data-driven, fast-paced, and digital.

Here are our 5 tips for businesses using Instagram Reels:

1. Save popular audios from the Reels homepage.

Unfortunately due to copyright constraints, business accounts are restricted from using music from most recording artists. With this limitation in place, we struggled to find popular music that matched the aesthetic of the Reel. Rather than spending hours searching for songs and being unable to use them, scroll through the Reels homepage and save audios from trending posts. Upon doing so, you will have access to all kinds of trendy remixes which typically come from popular Tik Tok trends.

2. Incorporate Tik Tok trends.

As mentioned above, there is a constant inpouring of Tik Tok audios that have made their way to Instagram. Using Tik Tok trends to promote your products is a great way to add humour and fun to your marketing strategies all while introducing your brand to a broader audience.

3. Use hashtags that represent your brand.

The more hashtags the better, right? This statement is not necessarily true. Using more hashtags will ensure that your Reel gets more views. According to Later Blog, a post's reach rate increases by 11% when going from 1 to 30 hashtags. However, it is important to note that Instagram is beginning to introduce more suggested content feeds which are most accurately categorized by relevant hashtags. We recommend that small businesses focus on using hashtags that are directly tied to their product, company image, and the story being told in the Reel.

4. Add text, graphics, and stickers to your Reels.

Instagram has recently introduced the captions tab where you can choose to have your Reel automatically transcribed with subtitles. Users can now search for keywords that appear in the captions. This feature will drive more potential customers to your business profile. Including captions and on-screen text will also provide inclusivity for those who are a part of the hard-hearing community. In addition to captions, graphics and stickers can be used to draw attention to your Reel. Another benefit of graphics and stickers is that they can help showcase your brand's personality to your customers. Although, they can become repetitive if the same ones are always used and should not distract from the intended goal of the Reel.

5. Tag the products and include relevant links.

Lastly, do not forget to tag the product and/or include a link to your business's website or social media platforms. This ensures that your customers have been given all the tools and resources necessary to result in a purchase. They can then choose to learn more about your services and eventually make the informed decision to purchase your product.

In addition to following these crucial steps, the most important thing to do is simply post consistently. By posting consistent reels, Instagram will prioritize your content and help to increase post visibility as well as engagement. Find your niche and start posting today!

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