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How is Online Marketing different in Germany?

Updated: Aug 12, 2019

Germany has a population of 80.66 Million of which 89% use the internet. 83% are online every day, 82% use a smartphone but only 30% surf on the internet with their smartphone which is very low compared to other countries. Indeed, Germans are using the internet differently than people in the US, the UK and elsewhere. In this blog post, we’re going to give you a short overview about what’s important to know if you market your products and services in Germany in 2017 and onward.

When comparing 2017 with 2016, we see two major trends: there are 14% more social media users and 17% more mobile social users which means social media users utilizing mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. What is interesting is that mobile use is still behind compared to other Western countries – only 30% of the internet use is mobile, 70% is desktop.

The most used platforms are Youtube, Facebook and Whatsapp. Side note: While there are incredible possibilities for marketers on the first two, there still is no good option to reach whatsapp users as of July 2017. Attention video advertisers: for 73% of the users, watching videos is the favorite online activity (followed by using a mobile messenger).

So what about e-commerce? Germans LOVE to buy on the internet, for example on the popular shoes and fashion shop Zalando. They rank number three out of all countries that were surveyed when it comes to purchasing products online.

Some additional key facts:

  • Watching regular TV is still very popular in Germany. Netflix and other streaming providers are still fighting to get to a higher market share.

  • Facebook is more popular than ever with 33 Mio monthly users, 64% of them use the platform daily.

  • There’s definitely potential for growth in the fields of online device internet usage and social media in general.

  • Users are becoming more and more connected – interacting with more people and with different devices.

To learn about how to best enter the German market with your products or services, get in touch with us. 



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