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How to clean up your digital presence in six simple steps

Updated: Aug 12, 2019

We often get requests from potential customers who reach out to us and say that their entire online marketing is a mess. “We have 3 different Facebook profiles, our LinkedIn company page still shows the old logo and wrong phone number and we lost our Instagram password. In addition, in Google Analytics we see a lot of weird traffic from Russia. Our former SEO company built a few reports and I get them to my e-mail every week but I’ve no clue what it’s about. What do we need to do?”

Does this sound familiar? Then you’re one of the many businesses who started to invest in online marketing years ago and different people took care of it during different periods.  They had different ideas, tactics and strategies and a whole bunch of external companies (Web development, SEO, Lead Generation etc.) helped to make it ever more confusing. Now is the time to take care of your digital presence!

In this blog post we’d like to show you in a few simple steps how to clean up your online marketing infrastructure and start bringing results.

One: Save the usernames and passwords of the different platforms. We recommend where you can save passwords, codes etc. for free.

Securesafe Password Manager

Two: Run a quick search on for your company and check the first 15 search results. This is your virtual business card. Create a list of all the social networks and websites on which you appear and check if the information on them is up to date and accurate (proper address, logo, product information etc.). Save this list and make sure to share it with your team members. We recommend using Google Sheets

Three: Do you have a listing on Google My Business? It’s a free and important tool to appear on the search result page whenever somebody looks for your company or its products. It’s also connected to Google Plus which gives you an important SEO boost. This is how you can create such a listing: If there’s an existing listing, you can claim it.

Google My Business listing of Digipave (right side)

Four: Whether you have a B2B or B2C company – you want to be on LinkedIn with a good looking company profile. Start here with the setup:

Five: You might or might not be a big fan of Facebook but apart from certain B2B companies, every business and non-profit needs to be there with a company page. And don’t mix this up with having a private profile named after your company to which you can add friends. A company page can’t accept friend requests but only get likes and followers. This is how you set it up:

Facebook Company Page – online marketing

Six: Also consider other social networks such as Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest depending on your needs. If your product or service is visually appealing, make sure to sign up on Instagram.

Get in touch with us if you have any questions.


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