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How to keep up with the latest social media news

If you're looking for the most accurate, up-to-date social media news, we are going to show you just where to find it. Yes, you can definitely subscribe to industry newsletters and read leading tech blogs. Also, you can always follow experts on Linkedin and create lists on Twitter of in-the-know users. But if you really want to get your information from the source and discover for yourself the latest and greatest changes in the social media space, just keep reading below.

Here at Digipave where our clients expect us to be on top of all the latest developments in the social media marketing sphere, it's important that we get access to all the breaking news in a timely maner. Taking into account the fast pace of social media, at times that is easier said then done!

While checking out tech blogs and getting updates on social networks itself has many benefits, we prefer to read the official news direct from each company. This "going straight to the source" approach let's us make our own determinations about the importance and relevance of each new release.

Therefore, we've created a list of of social media company blogs and newsrooms that we check out on a regular basis. Keep in mind that many platforms have different blogs for general use and for business. Here is a concise list of company blog pages for the leading social networks.

Let us know if you found the above list of social media company blogs helpful. If you are a small businesses owner looking to elevate your brand, make sure to follow us on our social channels for more marketing tips and insights. You can find us on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram.


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