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Online Marketing Trends: 2020

As an online marketing agency in Israel, Switzerland, the US, and around the world we have the opportunity to be on the cutting edge of online marketing trends. Let’s have a look at some trends and how our agency has utilized them to increase revenue or meet other client goals.

Provide Content to Fans and New Audiences

Online marketers need one message to people who have already purchased and to people who are in the research phase, right?

Not always!

The new way of looking at the customer funnel is to leverage existing fan power to boost brand reputation and provide content that engages both audiences.

Case Study: While promoting sports equipment, we learned that the brand’s biggest fans were highly motivated to help others. We increased the amount of content aimed at pre-sales and promoted it to existing customers. Existing customer’s high level of interaction encouraged buyers in the researching phase to gain confidence in the brand and make a purchasing decision.

Create an Effective Sales Funnel - Segmentation, Multi-Channel & Sales

New customers are waiting for you online - but where? The sales funnel used to be so simple - a potential customer sees an ad, maybe sees a few, calls, then orders. Now things are much more complex when you’re trying to get new customers online, but with the right marketers, you can not only follow customers but also customize messaging.

How can you track customers better online? We can help.

Case Study: Let’s say you’re looking to buy a new ski helmet. You might search “ski helmet” on Google, see a few ads, visit a few websites, but not make a decision. The next day, you notice Facebook is showing you ads for one of the websites you visited. You like the ads and pretty soon start forgetting about the competition and focusing on how amazing this ski helmet is on Facebook. You follow their page and see current customers love their helmets. You go back to Google to search “ski helmet” but now the brand you’ve been following on Facebook is the first ad you see. You click it, you buy it, you are now a customer.

Savvy marketers follow the customer - online marketers have the ability to reach customers in different places and should do.

Improve SEO

What is SEO?

SEO is short for “Search Engine Optimization.”

SEO is the practice of adapting your website to be optimized for search. When you search for something, Google chooses which website to display based on a combination of “secret” factors, which overall gives a score of relevance and popularity to each website.

The goal of SEO is to improve your website’s relevance and popularity. You can improve SEO in hundreds of ways, which is why SEO is one of the most complex aspects of online marketing.

Case Study: An e-commerce shop was bringing most of its customers via social media and Google PPC, which cost money. The only search terms that brought customers to the website were the company’s brand name, which means that this is not the 1st interaction with the brand. The shop, who sold its own branded products, wanted more customers from the top of the funnel. Within three months of implementing SEO strategies, the number of impressions for generic (non Branded) search increased from around 100 a day to 1,000 and is still growing.

Whether you’re looking for content marketing, online sales funnel planning or SEO, Digipave is on top of the latest trends.


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