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Remarket to your YouTube viewers as they search on

Updated: Aug 12, 2019

Adwords advertisers can now use their YouTube remarketing lists to remarket search ads on Meaning, people who have watched YouTube videos or interacted with a YouTube channel can be targeted with ads when they’re searching on the Google.

This is big news for advertisers for a number of reasons.  According to Google, YouTube reaches more 18+ viewers than any TV network which is a very significant demographic. Being able to reach these users while they’re searching on Google can be a critical step in their path to purchase. For example, if an e-commerce store selling sporting equipment has a large following on YouTube, it can target its YouTube viewers and subscribers when they’re searching on Google for terms like “buy sports equipment”.

Google, in their official Google+ post announcing the news, stated:

“Now, more than ever, brands can connect with their customers through videos on YouTube. In fact, in an average day, YouTube reaches more 18+ viewers than any TV network. Reaching your YouTube viewers and telling them a single, seamless story across all the Google properties they use is critical in moving them along their path to purchase. To help you reach more people who already have an interest in your brand, you can now use YouTube video views and channel interactions to power remarketing lists in your search campaigns.

Search remarketing or Remarketing Lists for Search Ads (RLSA) is an already powerful way to move potential customers down the sales funnel. With the addition of video remarketing lists, RLSA is now even more effective. This new option expands data sharing between Google and YouTube. YouTube remarketing lists can be set up from the Audiences section in the Adwords Shared Library as shown in the screenshot here:

Have you already tried remarketing to your YouTube video viewers while they’re searching on Do you think this new addition to RLSA will improve the overall performance of your Adwords? Let us know in the comments below, on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.


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