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Start Your Next Career At Digipave

Digipave Online Marketing Agency is hiring a Digital Marketing Manager for a full time position. The agency specializes in Social Media Marketing, Google Adwords, Email Marketing and Content Writing in English, German and Hebrew. Digipave was founded by Olim from the US and Switzerland and has offices in Tel Aviv and Beer Sheva.

Job description

The job includes setting up, maintaining and optimizing Social Media pages and ad campaigns as well as writing social media posts for various customers.  Additionally, you’ll need to set up, manage and optimize Google AdWords campaigns. Other work will include updating Digipave’s own social networks on a regular basis as well as supervising external freelancers such as graphic designers, copywriters, and web developers.

Job Requirement

Do you have at least 2 years of experience in online marketing, ideally in social media and Adwords? Are you familiar with the world of Digital Media? Additional requirements include native English with at least conversational Hebrew. Additional languages, e.g. German, are a big advantage. The ability to work from the Digipave offices at Mixer (next to Tel Aviv U/Exhibition Grounds) or WeWork Beer Sheva is a must. 

What’s it like to work at Digipave?

At Digipave, you’ll be part of a fast growing online marketing agency working with customers around the globe, from China to Switzerland. You’ll be offered hands-on training in the leading marketing tools giving you the ability to grow and improve your skills. Digipave’s work culture encourages questions, values input and appreciates different opinions. You’ll be joining a company with a dynamic work environment that has long seen emails and phone calls replaced by project & task management tools.

To apply to the Digital Marketing Manager position, send your CV to To learn more about Digipave click here


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