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The future is bright - and green!

Updated: May 27, 2022

A mere days before our team at Digipave heads to the Netherlands to attend the Micromobily Europe 2022 summit, we wanted to share an update on some recent events that happened closer to home, here in Israel.

The highlight of the month was most most certainly EcoMotion week which took place on May 9-12 throughout Tel Aviv. As Digipave focuses our efforts on the Micromobility industry, conferences such as EcoMotion bring together many new and familiar faces from around the globe. We had the chance to meet with dozens of startups that are building products and services which are poised to change the face of urban mobility. Israeli tech is without a doubt leading the way to a future that is both electric and autonomous. To see more picture from EcoMotion

This year, there was an extra level of excitement because for many people in attendance this was their first large conference in over 2 years. It was great being indoors and mingling without the need for masks.

In the same post-pandemic spirit, we've had the pleasure to meet recently with many local clients as well as those that are visiting Israel from overseas. Additionally, we met this month and gave lectures to visiting groups of students and business people that are here touring Israel and looking to learn about the startup scene.

Our attention as of late though has been focused on our big event next week in Amsterdam. We're preparing for the world’s fastest-growing mobility conference taking place on June 1-2. The Micromobilty Europe summit is where top builders, thinkers, and leaders come together for an interactive, two-day celebration of small electric vehicles and their power to radically transform our cities. We are fully anticipating this event to far exceed our already high expectations. Keep an eye on our blog as well as our social media channels for constant updates.

From Tel Aviv to Amsterdam, it's clear that the future is bright, and green, for all forms of micromobility and PEVs. All of us at Digipave are working hard to make this future come just a little bit quicker. Will you be at Micromobility Europe on June 1-2? If so, please let us know as we can’t wait to connect. You can find us on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram.


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